Innovative Oral Care

New to the care and medical fields, the MC family of products have been designed exclusively for oral hygiene.  Replacing other products which have been banned by some National Health Boards, the MC product range is a safe and effective way to apply care.

Specialising in One Area

We concentrate on what we know best – Oral Care.

Working closely with Health Professionals, and Care-givers at every point.

Want to know more?

The medical world is advancing rapidly with new products and services – call us today and we can show you how our family of oral products can enable your care-giving activities to be safer, easier, and more convenient.
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MC3 Mouth Cleanser

MC4 Tongue Scraper

MC5 Tongue Depressor

MC6 Mouth Hydrator

“…These products are very easy to use and have made such a positive impact on the oral care in our care home resulting in improved resident well being…”

Carol Rhind

Manager, Park View Care Home

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